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Food For Thought

Baan Suay's Restaurant

Whether it's a romantic outside candlelit dining experience or just to relax back for a light snack and a drink or two, it really is worth while taking advantage of Baan Suay's excellent restaurant and bar.

Serving both delicious authentic Thai cuisine and a tastey variety of western dishes, you are sure to be more than satisfied with our fresh, savoury and sweet delights.

The restaurant and bar are both open from early until late (the bar even later of course!) and there's always the option of having your order sent to your room or trying something special from the local markets.

For those staying in our fully fitted apartments, there's always the chance to try your own hand at Thai cooking. But chances are, once you've tasted our chef's work, we're sure you'll prefer to order in and leave the washing up to us.

An Example Of Our Thai Menu...

Tom Yum or Coconut Soup
Spicy, with Chicken or Prawn, Mushrooms, Tomatos, Chilli,
Ginger, Lime Leaf & Lemongrass.

Lap Moo
Ground Pork with Chilli and Lime, served on Lettuce.

Kao Pad Gai, Kung or Nua
Spicy Fried Rice with Chicken, Prawn or Beef & Mixed Veg.

Yam Nua
Succulent Spicy Beef Salad, with Chilli, Chalotte Onions, and Lime.

Nam Tok Moo
"Waterfall" Juicy Slices of Grilled Pork, with Chilli, Lime & Corriander.

Prawns, Squid, Chicken, Beef or Pork
Sauted and prepared with a choice of Tamarind Sauce, Sweet & Sour, Ginger,
Spicy Red Curry, Cashew Nuts, Asparagus or in Oyster Sauce with Broccoli.

Pad Thai Style or Fried Noodles with
Chicken, Pork, Beef, or Prawns in a Soya Sauce or with Vegetables and Gravy.

Classic Thai Noodle Soup with
Chicken, Pork, Prawn or Squid, vegtables and Garlic.

An Example Of Our Western Menu...

Choice of Sandwiches
On White or Brown Bread, Mini or Jumbo Baguettes, all Served with French Fries
Smoked Ham & Cheese, Smoked Bacon & Sausage, Egg Mayonaise,
Salami & Cheese, Tuna, Club Sandwich etc...

Variety of Pastas including
Chicken, Tuna, Smoked Bacon or Seafood Pasta with Mushrooms, Onions,
Green Beans and Garlic Sauce served with Spagetti or Penn Pasta.

Many Different Salads such as
Seafood, Chicken, Egg, Beef or Pork, with Lettuce, Chinese Leaves, Tomato,
Cucumber, Sweet Peppers, Grated Carot & Onions.

Choice of Pancakes Served with
Honey, Banana, Chocolate or Lemon & Sugar.

All Day Breakfasts such as
The Full Monty - 2 Eggs, 2 Rashers Smoked Bacon, Jumbo Sausage, Baked Beans,
Hash Browns, Tomato, 2 Toasts, Fresh Orange Juice, Tea or Coffee.

Home Made Burgers served with Fries like our
1/4 Pound Chicken with Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Onion
1/4 Pound Beef with Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Onion.

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