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Activities at Baan Suay

There's an endless number of things to do in and around Phuket. Our staff are a vast resource of information to help you with your choice of activities, all of which we can either book for you directly or advise you on how to go about making the most of your holiday.

Take a sight seeing trip to Koh Phi Phi, or combine it with something more special such as a snorkeling or guided scuba diving trip, for example.

Go Elephant trekking, take in a snake charming show with some of other resident wildlife, or perhaps an even more ambitious jungle adventure in one of the national parks.

If the underwater fauna is more your thing, then try a trip to one of our world class, exotic scuba diving locations. We can even provide you with courses or a fantastic one day experience for those that wish to try for the first time.

Of course lazing around on one of the nearby sun-soaked beaches is always on everyones to do list. But why not hire a car or motorbike from us and, at your leisure, visit some of the more out of the way places, view points and cultural sights.

We could always book a took-took (Thai taxi) for you, to visit the bright lights of Patong and explore an evening of entertainment - without having to drive. Or perhaps fill the taxi to the brim with holiday gifts from the many shops and markets of Phuket town.

You don't have to just sit around twiddling your thumbs wondering what else you can do on your holiday. Make use of our experiences here and see the suggestions of things we would do (and have!) on our holidays here in Phuket.

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